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Catching features of the bream on the rocker.

Features of catching silver bream on a rocker. On the yoke, big bream likes to take in conditions of muddy water and shallow depth. Features of catching silver bream on a rocker. Many fishermen know, that in conditions of muddy water, the bream is quite often...

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Methods for preparing vegetable baits.

Methods for preparing vegetable baits. What are the varieties of vegetable baits. Cooking methods. The article is written for everyone who loves fishing., who has fishing in the first place of rest. Who is this so-called lifestyle for?. For...

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The bait will provide a frenzied bite!

The bait will provide a frenzied bite! Everyone can build a simple bait. This method is especially relevant in July., when summer residents start digging in young potatoes. The bait will provide a frenzied bite! The coming vacation was planned to be spent in the village, visit at the same time...

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Spring Fishing Bait.

Spring Fishing Bait. From an efficient nozzle, bait depends on the success of fishing in each specific season. Spring Fishing Bait. Nobody argues, that fishing is not just a hobby, it's a whole science. Spring, the most fertile...

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How to catch a chub on a May beetle.

How to catch a chub on a May beetle. It's spring outside. How to catch a chub on a May beetle. For anglers, this time of year is also associated with certain fishing restrictions., spawning. But how,...

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Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide.   The basis of your equipment, will become a fishing rod and reel. You need to choose a simple, universal, more or less reliable coil.     Your best gear, following: 1) lure kit, 2) set for...

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Dam pike fishing

Dam pike fishing.     Pike can be hot in the summer afternoon.. But near the dams on the river in such weather, predators can still be caught. Pikes are known, don't like heat, so in the summer for...

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Trout fishing

Trout fishing. Trout fishing. Different ways of fishing. Прикормка для форели. Types of Trout.

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Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout. Rainbow trout and its habits.   Mikiza, or rainbow trout (Kamchatka Salmon)- got its name from delicious shades, that sparkle on their skin. The color of the rainbow trout changes mainly in accordance with...

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Zander.   Zander definition.       Can grow to 100 cm in length Gill cover no spine (the gill cover in males has a short sharp spine) Two dorsal (rear) fin, first with spikes,...

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Perch – freshwater fish.   Freshwater perch, perhaps, is the largest fish.     Striped bass is definitely schooling, and sometimes anglers can find them in large numbers in summer and autumn. Popular sports...

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mushrooms – gifts of the forest

mushrooms – forest gifts Mushrooms - one of the most important objects actively used by humans in food, economic and medical purposes. The biological and ecological diversity of mushrooms is very great.. Currently known about...

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Spinning Pike

Spinning Pike. Spinning Pike. Самое увлекательное хобби. To nature with kindness.  

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Vegetation to help the fisherman

Terrestrial flora and its effect on fish. Everything around blooms and smells, therefore, vegetation to help the fisherman, and not only on land. In reservoirs of even the middle strip, there are several hundred species of higher vegetation and...