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jig. Jigging is provided by winding the bait with a reel or pulling with a spinning rod, as well as combinations of these methods.

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Dam pike fishing

Dam pike fishing.     Pike can be hot in the summer afternoon.. But near the dams on the river in such weather, predators can still be caught. Pikes are known, don't like heat, so in the summer for...

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Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout. Rainbow trout and its habits.   Mikiza, or rainbow trout (Kamchatka Salmon)- got its name from delicious shades, that sparkle on their skin. The color of the rainbow trout changes mainly in accordance with...

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Svimbeyty – bait for predators

Svimbeyty – Svimbeyty bait for predators, whether simple or compound, very much like a predatory fish. Their sweeping zigzag or bow-shaped course is misleading not only fishermen, but, above all, pike. In addition, their wiring...

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Catching perch on a spinning

Catching walleye zander spinning on a spinning hard enough to pass. Little of, he impenetrable mouth, so he also capricious against weather conditions. This leads to, what, eg, today's...

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fly fishing

Fly fishing The first mention of fly fishing have been noted in the works of ancient writers, In the Middle Ages, this method is described in the writings of St. elbaite, in which for the first time recommendations for the production of a variety of artificial flies,...