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The bait for fish. Good bait for fish – fishing success. The main task of bait – attract fish.

Feed Basics (cake ‚bran, crackers, oatmeal, bloodworm, Oparin, chopped worms, pipe maker); various oils and aromatic plants.


Способы приготовления растительных насадок. 2

Methods for preparing vegetable baits.

Methods for preparing vegetable baits. What are the varieties of vegetable baits. Cooking methods. The article is written for everyone who loves fishing., who has fishing in the first place of rest. Who is this so-called lifestyle for?. For...

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Spring Fishing Bait.

Spring Fishing Bait. From an efficient nozzle, bait depends on the success of fishing in each specific season. Spring Fishing Bait. Nobody argues, that fishing is not just a hobby, it's a whole science. Spring, the most fertile...

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The bait for fishing ide

Bait to catch ide Ide, the fish is very capricious, this bait should be adjusted very accurately and competently (The bait for fishing ide). Well, local fishermen in this case no problems arise,...

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The bait for bream

The bait for bream for luring bream necessary ingredients like grated peas, grated corn and millet, can be added to the total batch is slightly regrind, all soar thirty minutes. To not have a strong smell can...

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sweet bait

Sweet bait As soon as the first rays of the sun warm as the water in small ponds, carp begin to look for food in the shallow water. In the spring the fish are attracted primarily sweet groundbait mix. Best results can be achieved by using additives such as...

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varieties of bait, and their features

variety of flavors, used for bait, and their characteristics Variety bait and their features. Fish like a man loves a tasty, fragrant food. The fish wakes up the appetite, as soon as they smell the fragrant smell of the bait, exactly this...